Sweets Combo Special [SW-90003]



Khoya Barfi (1Kg)
Royal Chocolate Fudge Cake 1/2 Kg
Flower Bunch

Indulge in the rich flavors and exquisite craftsmanship of our offerings. Our Khoya Barfi, weighing in at 1Kg, presents a delightful blend of traditional ingredients, ensuring a melt-in-your-mouth experience with every bite. For chocolate enthusiasts, our Royal Chocolate Fudge Cake, available in a 1/2 Kg variant, promises layers of decadence and a symphony of flavors that linger long after the last slice. Complementing our sweets and cakes is our meticulously curated Flower Bunch, a vibrant arrangement that adds a touch of elegance to any occasion. Whether it’s a celebration or a simple gesture of appreciation, our collection promises to elevate moments into memories, celebrating the finest in taste and aesthetics.


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